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(no subject) [Oct. 7th, 2004|09:16 pm]
Magical Theory Mods
For those not logged in, there's a Friends Only announcement nya

It's important, so please check it out!

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(no subject) [Sep. 12th, 2004|06:52 pm]
Magical Theory Mods
Just finished off another batch of advertisements.

Personally I'm happy with the batch of players we have now. :) Hopefully we'll get some more soon.

If you all ever need to get in touch with us and aim is not working, a post in either this journal or the ooc journal will work. I also check my email often, so email there if you need me for a scene or whatever!

I'm working on a couple of posts for Simkin, including the first DADA class. School's keeping me busy, so expect that sometime next week. (Probably b Wednesday.)

Have fun guys, keep RPing!
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RP ahoy! [Sep. 8th, 2004|12:11 pm]
Magical Theory Mods
[mood |excitedpumped]

We've officially started today. A Welcoming speech by Dumbledore has been posted, to which anyone can respond at their own time.

You can also make posts and put the back-date of when it happened on the subject line. The other officially back-dated scene will be the first DADA class with Hogglepouffen, so don't talk about him yet.

Save for those two official scenes, and any scenes you or anyone else wants to post and back-date, we are going real-time.

Have fun!
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Long Weekend. Whoo! [Sep. 4th, 2004|11:27 am]
Magical Theory Mods
Alright, I've updated our advertisements, our Character List and our Friends List.

Welcome Jen who will be playing Luna.

And a big belated welcome to Subspace who'll also be playing Pansy Parkinson and Mafalda Harper, and Mike who'll be playing everyone's favorite nemesis, Draco Malfoy.

And thanks to Steph and Stacey for also taking on George and Fred Weasley.

Whoo! We're almost set to start. It'll be for the middle of next week. Because of school and the storm in Florida. Hopefully we can get a Snape and a Hufflepuff by then.

Remember guys, as long as you know you can handle the posting requirements, you can take on more than one character (as some of you know).

That's all from me this weekend. I won't be back until probably Tuesday, so if anyone joins and you're not added until then, don't worry! Dave should be on it, but I think he'll be out this long weekend as well.

Enjoy the weekend guys!

-Chris (The good cop)

p.s. One thing we haven't worked out is a Class/Quidditch/Hogsmeade schedule. We will, but if any of you guys can help us with that, we'd greatly appreciate it. Maybe it'd be worth House Points too. ;) Yeah. Any aid you guys give the RP is worth good House Points, so if you're bored, there's something you could do!

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(no subject) [Sep. 2nd, 2004|02:51 pm]
Magical Theory Mods
We're still in need of a few more characters/players before we can start for next week. So guys, if you know anyone, don't hesitate to pimp our community!

If you're uncomfortable with that, don't worry about it. We're not forcing anyone to do anything.


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(no subject) [Aug. 30th, 2004|12:10 pm]
Magical Theory Mods
[mood |contentcontent]

Hey to our New Players: Steph, Stacey and Sara. Wow, Triple-S. What are the odds? And we have a Mafalda incoming, so that's great news.

As always, add everyone you need to quickly and easily by logging in and using our FRIENDS LIST.

This is Dave, your friendly mod, signing out!
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(no subject) [Aug. 29th, 2004|05:13 pm]
Magical Theory Mods
It looks like we've got our first three players. Thanks for applying folks!

We'll start up with introduction posts or something in the OOC community. We'll also have a quick recap of Summer-time events going up very soon.

The RP is slated to start within the first or second week of September, so hang in there. We won't be getting tough on posting and the like until then, but up until that point, feel free to have ooc conversations or summertime posts too.

We can't advertise more than once a week, so come on and join us! Doooo iiiit. *shakes fists*
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(no subject) [Aug. 27th, 2004|08:28 pm]
Magical Theory Mods
Have started going through some of Dave's old RP buddies to pimp some spots, before we begin to pimp the game properly. So far we have 1 "Maybe".

Let's hope for more!
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